An in-depth study on curly hair, its structure, types of curls, and the main requirements for perfect curly hair drying led to the creation of the Bellissima Diffon.  

Unlike other hair dryers with attachments, the Diffon is a combined hair diffuser and dryer in one appliance and has no attachments, and is a light, compact, and easy way to bring your curls to life.

The Diffon uses the perfect combination of optimized heat and minimal airflow to gently uncover your curl's best natural shape.

The Diffon concept combines 3 systems into a completely different product form. A specially designed motor, a heating element coated with Ceramic infused with Argan oil, and an advanced curly hair diffuser bowl. Each system works harmoniously to help create defined, bouncy, shiny curls that will make you look and feel beautiful.

Air is sucked in through the top of the Diffon air inlet and pushed through a motor-driven fan, and as it passes across the Ceramic and Argan oil-coated heating element, It radiates good infrared heat. That heat is then driven through 56 micro-perforations, and 56 diffusing outlets that, combined with the shape of the diffuser bowl and 12 fingers, surround the natural curl structure and gently dry, define and enhance your curl's natural shape.